Les Fruits Prepare for Return to St. Martin

Les Fruits de Mer are currently preparing for a return trip to St. Martin in February of 2009. The itinerary currently calls for a combination of E.S.S. and scuba diving, along with various culinary investigations while topside.

3 Responses to “Les Fruits Prepare for Return to St. Martin”

  1. HIllary Gonzalez Says:

    Bonjour Team Fruits,
    I will soon be embarking on my first underwater adventure. Any suggestions on an affordable location for a first time Greenie, as myself? I just discovered your site, and would like to thank you on the behalf of myself, my boyfriend, and my two cats, for helping others to navigate through the delights of the sea!

    Yours Truly,
    Miss Hillary E.

  2. admin Says:

    That is a great question. For cost, the two main considerations are really airfare and hotel/food. Bermuda, which is one of our favorite quick getaways from New York is easy and cheap to get to, but relatively expensive once you’re there. Roatan, Honduras was terrific and very affordable once you’re there, and they have the full range of underwater activities from extremely shallow areas, to great scuba diving and even an operating deep sea submarine. Since we’re in the middle of a great depression, check for flight deals that may be out there.

  3. madamj Says:

    Hi Hillary,
    What are you looking for in a destination? Lots of beaches for lounging around? Snorkeling from shore, by boat, or both? Diving? Should there be a lot to do besides on the beach and underwater? Is good food or shopping important to you? How long do you want to stay there? Do you mind connecting flights? And also, what city are you traveling from? Let me know and I’ll give you some ideas.

    Something to consider no matter where you’re traveling is to rent an apartment, or room with a kitchen, rather than stay at a hotel. That way you can make some of your own meals, or keep supplies around for breakfast or to pack up DIY picnic lunches for your various excursions. Apartments can be a much better deal than a hotel room or villa, but you may need to do some scouting around to find them. Check tripadvisor.com, igougo.com, and traveltalkonline.com for recommendations and leads from fellow travelers, and vrbo.com for places for rent by owner.

    -madam j