Vermont, July 2009

We were in the Bennington area of Vermont for the wedding of Zack-O and Dr. Maillot, so we decided to do a little E.S.S. in the local waters. Marc AuMarc first dipped an exploratory toe in the nearby Waloomsac River, but found it numbingly cold. A large puddle in the field behind our lodgings would have been the shallowest, but gave off a boggy odor. Upon consideration, two local bodies of water were chosen: the creek running behind our bed and breakfast and the pond in front of it.

Here is a map of the area:


Our E.S.S. in the creek was done quickly. Warmer than the Waloomsac, it was still very cold. Rushing waters from the recent rains also reduced visibility. A few small fishes were seen.

Next, Marc AuMarc went for a longer swim in the small, but much more hospitable frog pond in the front yard. Gradually edging into the water, he made a couple slow laps through the pond and amongst the lily pads growing there. There were a couple small fish, as well as water boatsmen. Frog eggs near the shore promise tadpoles later in the summer.

Our final plunge in Vermont was off the swimming beach at Lake Shaftsbury. Madam J and Marc AuMarc explored the shallow waters of this lake, seeing a few fishes – mostly sunnies.

Footage to come!

Henry House Creek:
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Henry House Pond:
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Lake Shaftsbury:
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