Baie Maria

Baie Maria is a small bay nestled between Happy Bay and Molly Smith Point. It is accessible by swimming around the rocky area to the right of Happy Bay if you are on the beach, or by hiking to the end of Molly Smith Point and entering the water to your left. The bay features a small rocky beach. The maps below show its location.

The underwater topography of the bay is primarily a sea floor made of old coral skeletons that features many nooks and crannies where juvenile fish live. In the center of the bay are a series of large rock outcrops which rise to a few feet below the surface. Both the sea floor and the rock outcrops feature a variety of corals and sponges and tropical fish are abundant, making this one of the most rewarding snorkeling spots on the island.

While the water in the bay is typically relatively protected from surf under most conditions, it is vulnerable to swells when they are coming from the north. The primary hazard is boat traffic passing outside of the bay that can create large wakes. Avoid going past the sandy border of the bay in order to avoid being hit by passing boats. Entering the water from Molly Smith Point is made from a rocky shore, and there may be many sea urchins in the shallows, so use caution when entering and leaving the water. From Happy Bay, you will be making a beach entry, but you will have to swim a fair amount to reach Baie Maria, so stay within your limits.

This site is near Molly Smith Point and other snorkeling areas in Grand Case Bay.

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