Saint Martin Snorkeling Guide

This guide is designed to provide detailed information on snorkeling spots in Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, including depth and habitat information for a variety of sites around the island. Snorkeling in Saint Martin can be very rewarding, and there are many different types of habitat to explore, from reefs and sea grass beds to tide pools and mangroves. Soon we hope to have a comprehensive listing of all our favorite snorkeling sites on both the French and Dutch sides of the island, including many that are relatively unknown. In addition to the sites below, we have done a number of research snorkeling expeditions that are covered in our blog. The sites include: Mullet Bay, the pool at Belle Creole, Fort Amsterdam in Little Bay, the south end of Orient Beach, the north end of Orient Beach, Gibbs Bay, Dawn Beach, Coralita, Le Galion, Cay Bay, Galisbay, Baie de l’Embouchure, Pelican Key, Baie aux Prunes and Burgeaux Bay.