Education and Outreach

Education and outreach are key goals of our mission. In addition to our online resources and wildlife guide, we welcome the opportunity to promote greater scientific and environmental understanding in any way possible.

We are happy to give presentations about snorkeling, marine life and the terrestrial wildlife of Saint Martin. As an informal organization, we do not have the necessary insurance to lead snorkeling or hiking excursions, but would be happy to accompany school groups or other organizations.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Current Presentations and Activities

St. Martin Wildlife
This presentation will take you on a zoological tour of St. Martin. Learn about the variety of wildlife on the island and the habitats that they call home. Special emphasis is given to endemic species that are found only on St. Martin or only in the Lesser Antilles.

Island Ecology
This presentation highlights what makes the island biologically unique and vulnerable. Learn about the threats that are putting St. Martin’s natural heritage at risk and what can be done to help make human activity on the island more sustainable.

Undersea Journey
Take a journey from the familiar to the otherworldly as we showcase various undersea ecotopes, from the mangroves to deep sea life 800 meters below the surface.

Wildlife Challenge
A series of photo-based games design for fun and learning. Find camouflaged animals, identify animals from close-up photos of their eyes, match larvae with the adult insect and more! Perfect for events.

Above: Marc AuMarc delivers a presentation about conducting field research to the students of the Learning Unlimited school in Sint Maarten.

Above: Playing Wildlife Challenge at a Nature Foundation event.

Above: Les Fruits de Mer lead the Guppies after school group through an undersea voyage.