Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)

The green iguana, also known as the common iguana is a non-native species that both competes with and interbreeds with the native Iguana delicatissima also known as the lesser antillean iguana or west indian iguana. To date, I have only seen individuals of the invasive species, which are identified by the large subtympanic scale (the large round scale below the ear), and pronounced black stripes along the tail. This species also tends to be larger than the lesser antillean iguana. While the young are quite green, adults tend to be a gray-brown color.

I have seen this species primarily in wooded or semi-wooded areas surrounding inland ponds, often resting on mangrove or other trees. They are readily seen at the Grand Case airport, which is located in precisely this type of habitat.

I am planning to visit Tintamarre in search of Iguana delicatissima. Sightings of large lizards from dive boats moored offshore have been reported and it is possible that this more remote island has not been colonized by Iguana iguana.