Mullet Bay

This is a bit of a placeholder entry until we complete a full description of snorkeling at Mullet Bay, but I wanted to include some basic info.

If you are facing the beach, you can snorkel on either the left or right sides. On the left side (southeast), enter from the beach and follow the rocky shoreline to your left. Most of the action is near the shore, where there are numerous fish and invertebrates on the rock walls. Indentations in the shoreline are worth exploring. There is not much in the way of coral here, although there are a few sponges. The depth near the shore is about four to six meters.

Off the far right side of the beach there is a rocky shoreline leading towards Cupecoy. I believe this may actually be the better snorkeling location, with some coral-encrusted rock formations out into the water, but I haven’t been there in several years. Keep an eye out for updates on this area.