Bistrot Caraibes

Bistro Caraibes is one of our favorite restaurants in Grand Case. The brothers who run it and all the staff are very nice. It is located at the corner of the main intersection on the Grand Case strip. Having gone there for years, the special seems to always be the sea bass, but all the food is very good. Madam J often gets the veal scallopini with blue cheese. Live lobsters are available in the fountain in front of the restaurant and can be prepared grilled, with garlic butter, or thermidor. I say go for the thermidor. The meal ends, as most do, with a shot of rum. Bistrot Caraibes has a particularly good ginger rum, and you can buy a bottle for later if you like.

We have been there with large parties as well and they are very accommodating. Reservations are generally not required, but are recommended if it is convenient, particularly if there is a cruise ship on the island.

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