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Here’s the spot for you to upload your Extreme Shallow Snorkeling photos, or any other photos you think are appropriate or Les Fruits de Mer related! If your photos are very large, the upload may not work. If possible, resize to about 800 pixels wide to upload, or email to marc at lesfruitsdemer.org if you are having trouble.

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Rob Verschueren Photos

Rob Verschueren was kind enough to send us many very beautiful photos from St. Martin. The gallery below includes many bird, reptile and invertebrate species as well as flowers, fruits and underwater photos. Thanks, Rob, and I hope everyone enjoys them!

Rob Verschueren also sent me a wonderful set of photos from Dog Island, which is an important nesting area for a variety of sea birds, including the brown booby, masked booby and red-billed tropicbird. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!