Special Thanks and Credits

I’d like to thank a whole bunch of people for their help in producing this book, both direct and indirect:

Jennifer Yerkes, Yann del Barco, Marie Amiguet, Stephen & Olivia, Emile, Alain, Marc & Kristin Petrelluzzi, Chris and Sally Davies, Stuart Bennett, Aurelien Roger, Chris and Theresa Luty, Tom Turner, Mark de Silva, Father Sanchez, Jo-Anne Sewlal, Barbara Cannegieter, Fons O’Connor, Elsje Bosch, the entire Les Fruits de Mer team, Calmos Cafe, Octopus Diving and the Sint Maarten Museum.

All photos are by Mark Yokoyama, except as noted. M.P. is Marc Petrelluzzi, M.A. is Marie Amiguet and J.Y. is Jennifer Yerkes.


Additional Reading

I have a few recommendations for anyone interested in Caribbean wildlife. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Eastern Caribbean by Anita Malhotra and Roger S. Thompson is an excellent overview with summaries for each of the Lesser Antilles. Birds of the West Indies from Princeton Field Guides is superb, including all species recorded in the region. Studies on the Fauna of Curaçao and Other Caribbean Islands is two large bookshelves worth of scientific research going back to the 1940s, and is available in the reading room at the Sint Maarten Museum. Biological Inventory of Sint Maarten by Anna Rojer is an excellent overview and you can find the article online.


Photo by J.Y.

About the Author

Mark Yokoyama was an avid entomologist throughout his childhood, culminating in a single term as president of the Oregon Entomological Society at the age of fifteen. His interest in zoology was largely dormant until he co-founded the world’s first extreme shallow snorkeling team, Les Fruits de Mer, in 2008. He currently resides on the island of Saint Martin, where he has explored a significant portion of the island and surrounding waters.