Origins of E.S.S.

Extreme Shallow Snorkeling, or E.S.S. as it is more commonly known, was created in 2006 in the Nusa Dua area of Bali. The first ever E.S.S. was done in a large – but extremely shallow – pool of water left on a beach by the tide. A mere 6-10 inches in depth, it was swarming with life! Brightly colored fishes and crustaceans swam amongst small corals and seaweeds, and even a moray eel was spotted in these ankle-deep waters.

Soon after, Les Fruits de Mer was formed to refine and explore the possibilities of E.S.S. Our first major expedition was to the island of St. Martin in the winter of 2007. Subsequent expeditions have ranged from Bermuda to Honduras, while future expeditions await just beyond the horizon.