Super Snorkeling at Baie Maria

Baie Maria is a small bay tucked in between Happy Bay and Molly Smith Point. It’s also probably the best snorkeling spot on Saint Martin proper (versus Little Key, Creole Rock or other sites that are primarily accessed by boat). The bay is quite protected – wake from passing motorboats cause the biggest surf if the swell is coming from most directions. Inside the bay are a number of large rock formations which are dotted with sponges and corals. Surrounding these are large expanses of old coral skeletons that are covered with newer corals and algae. The area serves as an extraordinary nursery for many fish. It is accessible by swimming around the far right corner of Happy Bay, or by walking to the end of Molly Smith Point. Below are a few snapshots.

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  1. Spotted Eagle Ray | Les Fruits De Mer Says:

    […] is one of the most majestic fish we see around here, and one of the largest. On my way back from Baie Maria the other day, I stopped to snorkel off Molly Smith Point and spent a few very enjoyable minutes […]