Fancy New Photo Gallery

I just figured out how to add a fancy new photo gallery thing, so expect some of them to pop-up on the site soon. This one, for example, features some of our favorite shots from our most recent expedition to St. Martin. Pretty fancy, eh?

[tiltviewer=flickr width=”500″ height=”500″ flickrtags=”sxm,2009,favorites”]

5 Responses to “Fancy New Photo Gallery”

  1. David "First Among Fruits" Bronner Says:

    Beautiful pictures wow! Are there sponsorship opportunities for progressive businesses, perhaps all expense paid expeditions to the most extreme ESS locations in the world, plus $1,000,000 unrestricted funds? We’d be proud to be associated in any way with such an amazing project.

  2. Marc AuMarc Says:

    Thanks for visiting! We are currently evaluating options for accepting sponsorships below our current $10 million minimum. If we are able to accommodate sponsorships at that level, our representatives will be in touch! Likewise, if your organization can afford a standard sponsorship of $10 million or more, please be advised that these do come with a free hat ($3.95 shipping and handling fee applies).

  3. David "First Among Fruits" Bronner Says:

    Let me clear it with the family but I think we can step up to $10 million. Also our corporate space shuttle is at your disposal for any ESS expeditions to planets/moons with attractive ESS conditions.

  4. Marc AuMarc Says:

    Excellent news! We are strongly considering an expedition to Mars. Given that the majority of water on that planet has been lost into space we anticipate extremely shallow conditions.

  5. David "First Among Fruits" Bronner Says:

    Should be shallow indeed, and after I hope you explore the mysterious pools of Uranus. I look forward to a full report with pictures.