Diving Molly Beday

Today we went out to dive a number of spots that I have not been to previously, which was quite a treat. The first was a large rock or very small island called Molly Beday. Although it is a known dive site (we found an abandoned mooring when we went down), I don’t think it is in common use these days.

We anchored and dove on the side of the island facing St. Martin, and it was basically a fairly steep slope with large, coral and sponge covered rocks trailing down to the ocean floor. There were quite a few nice elkhorn corals, which we don’t see a lot around here. We also found an old porcupinefish that seemed to be blind in one eye. The reef seemed quite healthy and the slope and large boulders made it easy to take some nice photos. It isn’t a convenient site to reach, but it was rather rewarding.

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