More Exploratory Diving

I have a few more photos from yesterday’s dives. The first set is from a wreck near The Proselyte. Little remained of the ship, but nearby there were large mounds of rock covered in sponges and corals that were quite interesting…and divers in Santa hats.

We also made further explorations of the area around Creole Rock. Late in the day, it was a bit dark and spooky underwater. As we were leaving the familiar parts of Creole Rock, Sally found an injured spadefish. As we continued on, the sea floor became like a scrubland with small sponges, corals and sea grasses and a variety of small fish hiding amongst them. Not a place where one would guide divers looking for excitement, it was an interesting chance to see a terrain not frequently explored. In many of these photographs, I had the background underexposed, which makes them look a bit light landscapes taken on a starry night.

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