The Crippled Swallowtail

(Madam J, Marc, Stuart (English) and Aure (French) eating dessert.)
Marc: I think these came out okay, it’s the first time I made crépes.
Stuart: These are the dog’s bollocks! Aure, how do you say that in French?
Aure: De crépe.

A few days ago I noticed some chrysalides on the side of our building. they were connected at the bottom, with a line of silk acting as a sling to hold them more or less upright against the building. Two were vacated, one was still occupied. While photographing them, a young boy on a bicycle came by to investigate and we showed them to him. Suddenly, he grabbed the living one, tore it off the side of the building, threw it to the ground and rode off on his bike. Madam J and I collected the chrysalis and I affixed it to our screen using dental floss in a way that approximated its natural orientation.

Last night, while having the diving instructors Stuart and Aure over for dinner, I noticed the polydamas swallowtail (Battus polydamus) checkered swallowtail (Papilio demoleus) crawling on the floor with half-inflated wings. I eventually coaxed it to hang from the curtain, where it might be able to pump its wings out fully, but as of this morning, it seems to be permanently crippled. The front wings are relatively well formed, but the back wings remain crumpled. I also noticed a large wound on its abdomen. We named it De Crépe.

Update: De Crépe is a checkered swallowtail (Papilio demoleus) which is an Asian species that, according to one article was only first discovered in the Caribbean in 2004.

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