The Fusheng, The Gregory and the Rapture of the Deep

This morning I went on two Dutch side wreck dives: The Gregory, which I mentioned yesterday and The Fusheng. The Fusheng was being used as a cargo vessel when it sank, and is the deepest regularly visited dive site in the area as far as I know. The seas were calmer and the visibility better than yesterday.

At 34 meters, the water is a very deep blue and the effects of nitrogen narcosis (Cousteau refers to it as “the rapture of the deep”) were noticeable. In addition to feeling very relaxed, I was easily lost in the beauty of the undersea world. When I would then remember to check my dive computer after long periods of quiet contemplation, I would find it had only been one or two minutes since I last checked it. In this manner, the 20 minutes I spent on the wreck seemed leisurely.

Notable creatures included the field of garden eels waving from the sand near the wreck, large schools of fish and a southern stingray.

At The Gregory I enjoyed taking pictures of the interior from outside and cruising the nearby reef in search of nurse sharks that often rest under debris. On our descent and ascent a number of great barracuda were keeping watch above the wreck.

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