Diving with Dolphins

On January 22nd, we headed up towards Tintamarre as we often do, first diving Japanese Reef.

Next, we were going to go to Basse Espagnole, but the heavy surf made us choose The Tugboat instead. Our dive started off quite nicely with a pair of southern stingrays, and then was relatively uneventful as we cruised the nearby reef. As we were heading back, suddenly we were approached by a pod of 11 dolphins, who swam around us for several minutes. The pod included adults and at least one small calf or whatever they call a young dolphin. One showoff even came back after the pod had moved on to treat us to some underwater acrobatics.

I, of course, had my 85mm macro lens. This would have been the ideal lens for photographing three inch dolphins, but was not very appropriate for ten footers. Luckily, Jenn got some great video that we will post soon.

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