Egg Eaters and Cave Dwellers at Basse Espagnole

After diving The Tugboat, we took advantage of calm seas to dive Basse Espagnole. A large reef area that rises to 3.5 meters below the surface, Basse Espagnole is one of the best reefs in the area and features underwater caves, canyons and other interesting topographical features.

Shortly after descending, we found an unattended patch of fish eggs on a rock surface that was being greedily consumed by a variety of fish species. Nearby, a small cave was home to schooling silversides and glassy sweepers. A bit later in the dive, Stuart spotted a nurse shark sleeping under a rock ledge. A variety of other tropical species rounded out a fantastic dive.

One Response to “Egg Eaters and Cave Dwellers at Basse Espagnole”

  1. Spencer Nagle Says:

    Cool pictures!

    I like the ones with the blue-headed wrasse and then the school of glassy sweepers!