Bell Hill and Bell Point

I took a new route out to Bell Point the other day, from Petite Plage and via the bouldery shore. Heading up the ravine past where I saw the turtle shell, I found a large recess under a boulder, but it seemed empty save for a few scattered goat bones. I also saw two of the very small microteiid that I had seen on the way to Friar’s Bay and a bird egg that had perhaps been washed out of the nest by the recent rains.

The water near the shore was quite clear, so I decided to round the point and climb up the side facing Anguilla. The views were quite nice and I discovered another potential cave on a cliff face on the side of Bell Hill. Heading up to investigate the potential cave, I made my way through some forest and to the cliff face. It was probably scalable, but I wasn’t quite foolish enough to try. After crossing below the cliff, I headed up the hill beside it and crossed the top as well and was able to locate the potential cave, which was just a small recess in the side of the wall.

Switching to my macro lens, I photographed quite a few small creatures, including what I believe were some newly-hatched babies of the red hemipteran I’ve seen on the island, some interesting color variations of Anolis pogus and a stripier version of the dwarf gecko Sphaerodactylus sputator. Along with sightings of Sphaerodactylus microlepis, Anolis gingivinus and Amieva plei, I had seen six species of lizards on my walk.

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