Molly Smith Point – Lots of Rocks

Madam J and I took a little walk out to Molly Smith Point and saw lots of interesting rocks. Before we headed out, we took a look at Cemetery Pond, where dozens of egrets were nesting. Next, we headed through the cemetery and hopped the fence to head up the first peak, noted as Smith on my best map. At the top is a large rock formation with many crevices and overhangs, but no cave structures as far as I could see. We then headed down to the point, which is a very pretty grassy area with rocky beaches. At the very tip of the point are some large rocks, the most prominent of which was the home of a common iguana (Iguana iguana).

For our return, we headed down the rocky beach, which eventually turned into sandstone cliffs. Although there were a couple tricky parts, we were able to return to the beach via that route, which was a lot less work than climbing back up and down the hills. Next time, rather than returning to Grand Case Bay, I will probably try heading the opposite direction to Happy Bay.

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