A Visit to Colombier

Today I headed to Colombier, which is a charming town in a valley surrounded by mountains. I didn’t find either of the alleged hiking trails that begin there, but I did climb a nearby hill and descend on the other side at Loterie Farm. En route, I encountered a variety of insects, many spiders and a swarm of honeybees. The bees were clustered on the branch of a tree, and I’m guessing they had split from an existing hive and had not yet found the ideal spot for a new one.

The trip down the hill was fairly arduous. Although I don’t want to criticize the habitats of which I am a guest, but in some parts of the island there are altogether too many ants. They form colonies in the ground and on tree branches and I found that in some spots my appendages would be covered in ants if I left them in any place for more than a few moments. I also have no love for the thorny vine. On the other hand, I did meet a friendly donkey.

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