Even More Blennies and Crabs (Plus Photo Tips for Snorkeling)

Here’s another set of photos from the pier in Grand Case, taken while snorkeling with the 60mm macro lens. Taken between 4pm and 5pm or thereabouts, there were plenty of decorator crabs on the pier and lots of blennies. After experimenting with both the 85mm and 60mm macro lenses, I think the 60mm is probably a little easier to use when snorkeling: the focus seems a bit faster and the distance to subject is also reduced, which makes it easier to use smaller apertures for greater depth of field. On scuba it’s easier to remain stationary, so the 85mm can be advantageous for taking photos of skittish blennies without having to get as close.

I also discovered a technique to minimize movement when taking photos while snorkeling: dive down head first and then fin gently to remain stationary while taking photos upside-down. When doing this, adjust the strobes so they are firing down slightly when the camera is upside-down to achieve more natural lighting. If there is a current, try to position yourself so the current isn’t pushing you into the surface you are photographing, because in this head-down position it is easy to move up and down, but harder to move forward, backward, left or right.

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