Extreme Shallow Scuba at the Pier: Crustacean Edition

After seeing so many incredible creatures while snorkeling the Grand Case pier, I had to go back on scuba so I could take photos more easily. I ended up doing a 95 minute dive with a maximum depth of 3 meters yesterday morning. Compared to my evening snorkel (approx. 5pm), there were far fewer decorator crabs out and about, but there were still plenty of creatures to photograph.

One highlight was a mantis shrimp. These amazing creatures have perhaps the most complicated eyes of any organism, and the fastest movement: their unique forearms feature a saddle that acts as a spring to strike out at up to 23 meters/second, allowing them to crush shells and then eat the mollusks inside. There were also various decorator crabs that were out and about, and very camouflaged. Unfortunately, decorator crabs are very hard to identify, largely because they are covered in living organisms.

2 Responses to “Extreme Shallow Scuba at the Pier: Crustacean Edition”

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  2. Joy K. Says:

    Your pictures are wonderful. You’re right about the camouflage on the decorator crabs–it’s hard to find the animal under all of the stuff piled on it sometimes.