Return to Goat Mountain

It had been more than two months since my last visit to Goat Mountain, and recent rains have left it quite green and inviting. So, of course, I had to go. Someone fixed the fence I used to hop by the Grand Case Beach Club, so I headed up across from the airport, which ended up being a nice change of scenery. One of my goals was to investigate the possibility of caves near the summit, but there were only a few tiny cracks and holes. They did prompt the question: why are there bones in small caves? I’m not sure if scavengers bring bodies or body parts back to eat them, or if sick animals shelter in caves and die there. Maybe bones just stay put in little caves rather than being washed downhill by the rain.

I did see some interesting things, like a goat skull with a hatched gecko egg in it, a pair of goats, a cicada larva exoskeleton and some lovely views of Grand Case. On my way back I found a cluster of large, black beetles under a board and one poor individual being attacked by ants while trying to crawl away.

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