Varied Habitats in Grand Case

I went on a walk today, and without ever really leaving Grand Case, visited a variety of ecosystems including wetlands, forest and grasslands. My first interesting sighting was an immature green heron, which I had not seen before. I also visited a forested area by the pharmacy where Anolis pogus was very common. I have read that this species prefers higher altitudes, but I’m pretty sure the main difference between them and Anolis gingivinus is that pogus prefers shady areas, while gingivinus prefers sunlight.

Next, I visited an area by the airport pond that was dense with leaf litter and, unfortunately, trash. It also was home to some of the largest ground lizards (Amieva plei) that I’ve seen. I also noticed that the larger individuals seem to develop dark bars in their shoulder area. The ground was also covered in the red hemipterans at varying stages of development, from immature to mating adults.

Finally, I headed out to the fields in La Savane, including a large soccer field that sported some lovely dead trees. There were monarchs and a variety of other butterflies cavorting in the field, and I found some mice under a board. I also found the awesomest no parking sign in the world.

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