Views from Pea Tree Hill

Yesterday was Sunday, which means the workers building a new development at the base of Pea Tree Hill were gone for the day. I took advantage of this fact to head up for a look around. The area is a mix of lowland forest and hilly pasture. Heading up the hill I encountered a few cows, saw my mysterious microteiid and surprisingly few anoles.

After crossing the pass between Pea Tree Hill and the neighboring hill to the west, I found an official hiking path, marked with red and white ribbon. The path led upwards towards the summit of Pea Tree Hill and through a barbwire fence. Although it isn’t tall (214 meters), there are some good views from the summit. To the northeast, the wilderness area of the island can be seen, along with Pinel and Tintamarre. To the southeast, Hope Estate is nestled beneath Hope Hill and Montagne France with Petit Fond in the distance.

I headed around Pea Tree Hill to investigate a rock formation for caves, but found only a few small crevices. Descending towards Route de Esperance, I headed through an area of abandoned concrete and junk before heading back home. Near the airport pond, I saw a couple very young, very green iguanas.

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