Low-tech and Shallow

Below are a few photos taken while Extreme Shallow Snorkeling with my old Powershot SD1000. Photography while snorkeling is much harder than while diving, because it is much harder to remain still, and you don’t have too long to compose your shot. These factors are compounded by the challenge of using a point and shoot camera, which can be quite unforgiving. Still, it’s a fun challenge to see what shots you can get.

Today I saw a pipefish for the first time since I’ve been here. It was in about 18 inches of water just off the shore in some algae. Add this to the batfish and the sea robin and I’m starting to accumulate quite a list of interesting fish that I’ve seen while snorkeling but not while diving. It just goes to show that snorkeling and diving are complementary activities, especially if your snorkeling in shallow water, which is usually a very different habitat versus a diving-depth reef.

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