Night Dive at Creole Rock

No matter how many times you’ve been to a particular dive site, it is always strange and exciting to dive there at night. Our recent trip to Creole Rock was no exception. Things one doesn’t normally see during the day were everywhere, like tiny decorator crabs with bits of sponge covering their carapaces and legs and incredibly pale anemones reaching up into the water to collect drifting food. Things you do see normally act differently, like the moray eels prowling the reef instead of resting in their daytime crevices. Other things change color, like the various fishes that were sporting nighttime-only colors and patterns.

As a special bonus, on this dive we had left a flashlight pointing into the water by the boat and by the time we returned there were dozens of squid below it. This technique is probably worth a try next time you do a night dive.

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