Rainy Day Critters in Grand Case

Here are a few shots taken on an overcast day last week. You may note:

  • Sadly, you can see how much trash there is in the canal that almost connects the airport salt pond to the ocean. I’m not looking forward to the day a really big storm flushes this out to the sea.
  • The color variation in the iguanas is quite large. The largest adults typically have no green. I was curious about the really fat one that was still somewhat green and whether it might be a pregnant female.
  • When I approached the iguanas near the pond at the Grand Case cemetery, two jumped in the water. After watching for several minutes I never saw either of them surface. Either they had made their way underwater to the mangroves and surfaced where I couldn’t see them, or they can really hold their breath.
  • The moorhens nesting in the canal were quite cute. One stayed on the nest while the other swam around the nearby shore collecting dry grass stalks and giving them to the one in the nest.
  • The dead Anolis gingivinus hanging in a tree by one leg was one of the stranger things I’ve seen. It had dark bruising on one side and I’m guessing it narrowly escaped some predator and then died from injuries it had sustained while roosting on the branch to recuperate. Eventually, it got knocked off the branch, but one leg must have been caught too firmly on the branch.

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