Local Explorations

In this post are a few photo sets taken over the past week between Grand Case and Baie de Petites Cayes, where I go weekly to survey whether turtles are nesting.

First up are a few shots from the airport road area, featuring the killdeer as well as a couple domestic animals, the muscovy duck and the goat.

Next are some photos from a trip to Baie de Petites Cayes last week, where I finally did see some turtle tracks. It had rained some that morning, so they weren’t as clear as they would have been otherwise, but it seemed to be a green turtle that dug several holes, but did not seem to complete a nest. I also finally saw the orange stripe on the top of a gray kingbird’s head, which isn’t usually visible, and an awesome mailbox.

Finally, I have some photos from another trip out to check for turtle tracks. Highlights for me included a male American kestrel near Eastern Point. I also had a chance to watch a couple brown pelicans basking on the rocks near my beach. Another bird that has shown up recently is some type of swallow, perhaps, that can be seen flying around the bay in the mornings and evenings. So far, it’s been difficult to photograph, but if I have to sit out on the veranda in the evening trying to photograph a small, fast bird in flight, so be it.

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