Lowlands Explorations

I have a large backlog of photos to post, starting with a trio of explorations in the lowlands area of the island. The first part is a series of photos taken from inside Le Trou de David (David’s Hole). The bird in the last three photos is a yellow-crowned night heron.

The next stop of the day was La Belle Creole, an abandoned resort that Andres and I visited during intermittent showers. I was mostly taking photos of spiders, but Andres got quite a few nice juxtapositions of the crumbling infrastructure and encroaching vegetation.

Our last stop for the day was La Grotte du Puits de Terres Basses, the larger of two bat caves on the island. During this visit I mostly focused on getting shots of the bats, rather than the caves.

One Response to “Lowlands Explorations”

  1. Jess Says:

    Hi – just wanted to comment to say I am really enjoying the results of your explorations – thanks for posting all the pictures!