A Variety of Wonderful Creatures

In this post are a variety of wonderful creatures from Saint Martin. Yesterday Kevin saw me photographing a frog and said that I was like a paparazzi for animals. I guess this is basically true.

Our first subject is a two-striped treefrog. I had two small freshwater aquaria, one with many tadpoles and one with a few guppies and one tadpole. The lone tadpole grew approximately twice as big before transforming into a frog.

Next up is a baby least island gecko which I found by L’Esplanade while looking for the whistling frog that I still need to photograph. I was quite excited because I had read about them having an orange tail, but I had never seen one with a really orange tail like this.

The tarantula below is not too big as far as tarantulas go, but it was still pretty big. It was a gift from Stephen, Yann, Marie and Olivia who found it at their house.

I found this tiny walking stick on another trip to try to locate the whistling frog.

Last, and least, are a few mosquito larvae and pupae that I photographed for my book.

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