Back to Bell Point

It’s been almost a whole year since we first move to Grand Case, so I’ve finally had a chance to see the full cycle of the seasons. Of course, the seasons aren’t too pronounced at this latitude. Right now, the rainiest part of the year is just over, so the hills are mostly green, particularly the trees and shrubs near the tops. The tall grass is starting to yellow and much of it will dry out in the coming months.

It was the perfect time to head back out to Bell Point, but isn’t it always? A few days ago I took my old-school route, hopping the fence across from Grand Case Beach Club and headed up to the peak just out from Goat Mountain. One interesting find was a honeybee that was caught in a spider’s web, wrapped in silk. You can see the hole where the spider was sipping the liquified insides.

A couple days later, I headed out to the end of the point along the coast line. There were loads of great southern white caterpillars on the shrubs. This species lays eggs in groups, almost always on the newest leaves. The young caterpillars are often found in clusters on single leaves. In a small, man-made water hole, probably built for use by goats, I am pretty sure I saw guppies. It was nowhere near any other source of water, so I have no idea how they got there. I also think it probably dries out during the driest months, making their presence even more improbable.

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