SXM Trails Hike: Hope Estate, Pic Paradis, St. Louis and Friars’ Bay

A couple Sundays ago, I left early in the morning to hike with the SXM Trails hiking association. The route was fairly long, starting at Grand Case and heading up Pic Paradis via Hope Estate. On our way back, we took the road through St. Louis before taking a trail down to Friars’ Bay and back to Grand Case. Although it was a bit tiring, there was plenty to see on the hike, and I got to travel a few places where I hadn’t been (the upper part of the track from Hope Estate, which I have always bypassed in favor of a ravine, and the route through Ft. Louis to Friars’ Bay). The group of hikers was also the biggest yet, and included some visitors from the US.

Some highlights included a beautiful, fat skipper caterpillar, a young dwarf gecko wandering out and about during the day and a fiery skipper, my first sighting of this butterfly on the island.

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