Egrets at the Grand Case Cemetery Pond

The pond near the Grand Case cemetery is a favorite roosting and breeding area for a variety of egrets. They seem to really like the mangrove trees that are growing in the middle of the pond, probably because this provides them with some protection from predators that might be able to reach nests in the mangroves on the shore.

I made a couple visits to take photos of the egrets. The first time, I just took a few general shots from across the pond. Although it’s hard to identify the individual birds, these shots show how many egrets are in the area. It also looks like there are so many nests in some of the lower branches that the mangroves have lost their leaves in those areas.

A couple days later, I took a little tour around the pond to get some better close-up shots. This was a bit tricky, as it required finding passages through the mangroves on the shore, as well as trying to avoid sinking into the mud. I eventually emerged covered in spider webs, but with a bunch of photos of the adults, fledgelings and chicks.

3 Responses to “Egrets at the Grand Case Cemetery Pond”

  1. Fabi Fliervoet Says:

    Did you rub yourself with mud or something? For the love of god I couldn’t get any close to these birds when I tried photographing them. What is your trick?

  2. Marc AuMarc Says:

    Well, I did have a 400mm lens, but the nests were mostly on the mangroves in the middle of the pond, so I guess they weren’t as afraid of me. I certainly wasn’t going to wade out into the water!

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