Grand Case Salt Pond and Round Hill Pond

Here are a couple more sets of photos from the nearby salt ponds. The first is from the Grand Case Salt Pond, which encircles the airport. Like all the salt ponds, it’s a popular area for a number of bird species, although it can be hard to find a good vantage point to view the pond since much of the area is surrounded by mangroves. (Not that I would have it any other way!)

The other set of photos is from the pond that is between Grand Case, La Savane and Mont O’Reilly. Although it doesn’t have an official name that I know of, I have started referring to it as Round Hill Pond. It’s the “secret pond” of Grand Case because it’s not really visible from any main road. This pond is mostly ringed by grassy areas, although the stretch closest to Grand Case has mangroves and sea grape trees. This makes it possible to circle most of the pond quite easily.

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