SXM Trails Hike in St. Peters

The last SXM Trails hike started in Concordia heading up Marigot Hill, I think, and circling around several hills in the St. Peters and Reward areas of the Dutch side of the island. Although none of the hills were very high, there was quite a bit of up and down, making it a pretty good workout. Included below is a photo of the tiny citrus-type fruit that grows in various places on the island. Apparently this is limeberry or mutton lemon and the tiny fruits are edible. Although it isn’t technically a citrus fruit, it is close enough to be a host plant for the checkered swallowtail caterpillar. This shrub is originally from southeast Asia and is considered a weed in some places and a potential crop in others. It’s also popular for bonzai, I guess because it has tiny fruit.

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