St. Martin Book Fair

The 9th annual St. Martin Book Fair was last weekend, and we were lucky enough to have a table at some of the events for The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin. The book fair was very fun and it was wonderful to see all the people creating, promoting and enjoying St. Martin culture. Highlights included a speech and poetry reading by Nobel prize winner Derek Walcott and the launch of the new cookbook From Yvette’s Kitchen to Your Table. My personal favorite experiences from the book fair were having our table swarmed by kids who wanted to know all about the animals on the island and getting to know Yvette’s daughter Jewel as we finished up the last of the wine after everyone else left the closing ceremony.

2 Responses to “St. Martin Book Fair”

  1. Zachary Taylor Says:

    Derek Walcott. That rocks!

  2. Madamj Lesfruitsdemer Says:

    Also the book St. Martin Talk, by Mr. Romney, is pretty awesome. It’s a collection of St. Martin colloquial language: words, expressions and sentence structure. His speech on Thursday was also a fun one.