Manta Ray in Grand Case Bay

Did I say manta ray? I meant EXTREME SHALLOW manta ray. Anyhow, I first saw it from our balcony, where it was circling (presumably feeding) in the shallow water just off the beach. A small crowd, mostly kids, had already been watching it for some time. Although the visibility was really bad, it was still amazing to snorkel with it, or just stand in the water and watch it cruise around. It didn’t seem bothered by us and would swim right up to us.

After maybe half-an-hour, I figured I might as well put my camera in its underwater housing and give it a shot. Unfortunately, the visibility was super bad, so mostly I ended up with photos of ghost manta ray. After another half-hour or so, it went out into the bay. If it’s the same manta that was seen near the Grand Case Beach Club a few weeks ago, though, perhaps it will be back.

Perhaps the best part was how excited everyone was to see it and pretty much everyone went out into the water check it out. One girl, who was probably about five years old, told me that she had lived in St. Martin her whole life and had never seen one, except in Finding Nemo.

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