Some Normal Photos

Usually when I’m out and about on the island, I’m lugging around too many pounds of lenses. The really long zoom is indispensable for birds, and my macro is the same for insects and other small things. I also usually have a super wide angle lens which is good for big views or capturing as much as possible in a tight spot. One thing I usually don’t have on me is a regular zoom lens, so I have a big gap between 16mm and 80mm, which is basically the range that most people photograph in all the time.

So, for a change of pace, I went out for a couple hikes without all the other lenses and just brought the 18-105mm zoom that came with my camera. One location was Grandes Cayes, which is one of the more scenic areas of the island. I would also argue, that despite the smell and the inconvenience of the sargassum that has washed up, it does add a nice visual accent, a bit like fall foliage in the northeastern US.

The other was Cole Bay, which perhaps is one of the less scenic areas. It is interesting, though, that while Cole Bay the town is so busy, Cole Bay the bay is actually very quiet.

One Response to “Some Normal Photos”

  1. Elaine Miller Says:

    There were people swimming in Cole Bay?????