Coastal Excursions: Cay Bay and Fort Amsterdam

My friend Valerie has been organizing some hikes along the coast of the island, with the goal of hiking the entire shoreline. The most recent hikes have been to Cay Bay and Little Bay/Fort Amsterdam.

At Cay Bay, we start with the unmistakable signs of “progress” in the form of new development in the previously “empty” area. They did create a few manmade ponds as part of the landscaping, where we saw a few birds, including a kingfisher. The rest of the walk along the rocky coastline towards Little Bay was much more enjoyable, particularly the colorful rock formations. Since I know little about geology, I guess it is about time to go visit Dr. Jay Haviser to get a little schooling on these things.

Little Bay and Fort Amsterdam made for an easy, but enjoyable little hike. I had never had a chance to visit the actual site of the Fort, of which relatively little remains. The two buildings seen in the photo were built well after the original fort, but the wall where the canons are is presumably older. The views from the peninsula were great, which is probably why they built the fort there. We were able to see St. Barths, St. Kitts, Statia and Saba.

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