Cul-de-Sac to Anse Marcel

On Thursday I walked the trail from Baie de Grandes Cayes to Anse Marcel, which was actually the first time I’ve done the whole trail in a while. I went with a friend from the Dutch side who had never been there before, and it reminded me that walking this area can be something of a revelation to someone who’s never seen it before. It’s really the only place where you can walk for an hour without seeing a single building.

Before we set out on that trail, though, we visited Étang de la Barriére via a vacant lot near the middle school. We saw a few Wilson’s Snipes, and you can see a photo of one here. Based on our sightings, this species is not as rare on the island as previously thought.

Along the trail we saw a rainbow over the surf spot, a well-hidden cricket nymph, and various spiders, and insects. There was also a strange, slimy creature that has me puzzled, possibly the larva of something. If anyone knows, let me know! On our way back we stopped again at Étang de la Barriére to see more birds, including the snipes again.

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