Guest Post at Uncommon Caribbean: La Belle Creole

Uncommon Caribbean is a site that’s dedicated to unusual and undiscovered Caribbean gems, and I recently had a guest post there about the ruins of La Belle Creole. Check it out to find out more about this unusual ruin. I’ve also heard that they’re building a new nightclub in the area, which may be the start of bigger changes, so anyone interested in the old Belle Creole might want to sneak in there fast.

Below are some photos of the area including ones that weren’t featured in the guest post. You can also check out this post about a previous visit.

One Response to “Guest Post at Uncommon Caribbean: La Belle Creole”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I visited this place too with Samuel a few months ago.
    I went all at the top of the tower.
    I prefer the place with the fountain like the movies “The Mask of Zorro” or “Van Elsing”…