Exploring La Batterie

On a recent walk from Grand Case to Marigot, I spent some time exploring La Batterie, an area between Friar’s Bay and Bienvenue/Pointe Arago. The area is mostly wooded, although the trees are generally small. Unlike many similar lowland areas, the ground cover is fairly sparse, and a maze of cow trails make it quite easy to navigate. One highlight is the stream that runs into the sea at Anse des Peres. Another was the gorgeous cockroach I found living under the bark of a dead tree branch, which was also home to large numbers of terrestrial isopods and a few house geckos.

It’s definitely an area worth exploring, in many ways similar to the hiking/mountain biking area of Bellevue. While attention is often focused on the highland forests, and many lowland areas are an impassable sea of thorny vines, these two lowland areas are well worth a visit.

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