Images on ARKive

ARKive is a web site that promotes conservation by presenting images of wildlife. Right now, it is focused on collecting images of animals on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which is about 17,000 species. I’m excited to announce that I have contributed a set of images of St. Martin’s endemic Anolis pogus to the site and you can see them by clicking the image below. This lizard is only found on St. Martin. Although it is common here, it is classified as vulnerable because its range is restricted to a single island.

I’m also particularly glad that the entry for this lizard shows it in a variety of colors. Although this lizard can change its coloration dramatically, most of the literature and photos I have encountered refer to a single coloration (tan with blue around the eye). It’s much better to showcase the full range of striking looks.

There is also a video I submitted that will be added in the future, showing two males fighting for territory. This will add another dimension to the entry, showing behavior, and can also be seen here.

ARKive species - Anolis (Anolis pogus)

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