Chemin des Douaniers

Chemin des Douaniers seems to mean customs officers’ trail, but Google Translate also translates it as coastal trail. At any rate, on St. Martin, it makes up part of the walk from Grand Case to Marigot that I took with St. Martin Trails on Sunday. It’s a very nice coastal walk starting at Grand Case and heading along the coast via Happy Bay, Friar’s Bay, Anse des Peres, Pointe Arago and Galisbay.

I didn’t take any photos on the way to Marigot, but on my way back I couldn’t resist. It started with some interesting flies that seemed to be interested in laying eggs on some flowers, then continued with more flies that congregated on what was left of a bunch of bananas hanging from a sign pole. The stretch of trail from Galisbay around Pointe Arago tends to be a good spot to see insects as well. Starting in La Baterie, I saw eight American kestrels in under an hour, and I wrapped things up with a cattle egret that was hanging out by the abandoned swimming pool in Happy Bay.

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