Wandering Bell Point

Today I’m sharing some photos from a couple walks around Bell Point. The first was with the SXM Trails hiking club a little bit before Christmas. It was an overcast morning, so I headed out with my macro lens to see what was there. All my photos ended up being insects and spiders, but there’s a whole world of wonder to be seen in just those two groups of animals.

If I were the size of an aphid, a syrphid fly larva would be about the most terrifying thing I can imagine, and you can see why in a couple photos below. I also saw two species of fruit flies with intricately patterned wings and a number of true bugs in a variety of colors and shapes.

I was also at Bell Point a couple days ago, mostly along the coastal area. The lack of vegetation on the coast there limits the number of animals one sees, but there were still a few here and there, including a couple spiders living under the deflated remains of a dinghy and some whiteflies that feed on sea grape. In the distance, a tropicbird was circling near Creole Rock, but I stuck with the small stuff, and have an even bigger backlog of things to identify.

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