Dutch Side Wreck Diving

Today we planned for four dives, two each in the morning and afternoon, but our day at sea ended early due to a storm. We started with a boat ride to the Dutch side of the island to visit two wrecks. Our first was The Porpoise, and tragedy struck early when Madam J’s camera case flooded – just as she was preparing to film my showdown with a gigantic Spiny Lobster. Her camera is still unresponsive, but we are letting it dry in hopes that it will revive. At the Porpoise we encountered many fishes and did a brief swim-through of the open area of the ship. On our ascent, we saw a nearly-transparent jellyfish swimming along near the mooring line.




Next, we headed to The Gregory, which was nearby. The Gregory was home to many fish, including a small school of Highhats and a wary Triggerfish. We headed from The Gregory to the adjacent reef, were we disturbed the sleep of a young Nurse Shark who was napping beneath a plate of shipwreck metal.

After lunch we headed to Creole Rock. The most exciting sight of the dive was a large stingray that swam right over Madam J. Unfortunately, it was not captured on film, and I am afraid I am to blame. After our dive, we headed to Sec de Grand Case, but moments before we were to descend, we received a call from the dive shop on the eastern side of the island warning us that a storm was headed our way. In the interest of safety, we returned for the day.



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