Team Les Fruits de Mer hosted a very special event this evening: the first annual Tacousteau, a celebration of delectable tacos, good friends, and the oeuvre of the premier undersea explorer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau.  

Guests arrived at the team base camp after 7 pm, directed by the massive team banner on the gate and the iconic red hat hanging on the front door. Sally and Chris (the owners of Octopus Diving), J.P. (the lion of the sea, divemaster extraordinaire), Guillaume (a.k.a. Madame J.P.), and Rene (le Boucher) enjoyed theme music, convivial conversation, and cocktails on the balcony, followed by a dinner of savory Mexican cuisine and a special screening of some classic Cousteau films documenting his adventures on the fabled boat Calypso. 


Attendees sported “J’adore le E.S.S.” shirts and red hats in honor of Les Fruits de Mer’s mission, and all did justice to a fabulous feast of spicy chicken soft tacos, Marc AuMarc’s signature guacamole, black beans, Madam J’s Mexican salad, and mango sorbet with coconut “sea stars”. There were many highlights of the evening, but particularly memorable was Rene le Boucher’s very first experience of the magic of the internet! He was introduced to the online world via Les Fruit de Mer’s official site page about his restaurant, Chez Rene Boucherie.  J.P. simultaneously translated the english page into french for Rene’s benefit, and le Boucher was thrilled to see that we had featured a photo we found on his restaurant wall, from his glorious rugby-playing teen years. Guillaume even showed Rene how he could search for his favorite old-school french music on the web. The soiree ended with drinks and conversation overlooking the sea and the starry night sky over Grand Case Bay. All in all, an evening that truly embodied the motto of Les Fruits de Mer: “Pour les sciences. Le plaisir. Et le boating.”


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